Reimagining Cryptocurrency

CoinLock has a menu of services that increase a coin's utility

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Fixed Payments

With payments backed by decentralized peer-to-peer security, CoinLock allows anyone to utilize cryptocurrency to make price fixed payments with no fees.

Advanced Trading

By using an advanced matching algorithm, users have the capability to get fixed price protection on their assets or turbo trade to give protection and get enhanced returns in exchange.

Enhancing Community

CoinLock's services allow any cryptocurrency to attain higher long-term value by offering additional choice and capabilities.

Fee Killer

With our revolutionary and proprietary technology, fees for payments and many other services are a thing of the past.

Powerful API

Integrate your enterprise scale operations with CoinLock's portal to unlock many value-adding services.

Portfolio Management

Cryptocurrencies trade 24/7 and so do we. Utilize CoinLock's suite of proven trading algorithms to help you manage your portfolio automatically.

Through exhaustive market analysis, CoinLock identified and alleviates three primary pain points for cryptocurrency consumers: lack of utility, volatility, and crippling fees.

Rikky Hasan

Chief Executive Officer

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