Exit the market without exiting the market

In the past you would have to sell your Bitcoin to avoid market volatility. No more.

Now you can freeze the the USD value of your cryptocurrencies, 100% free of charge.

The first true cryptocurrency hedge that gives you new controls over your digital assets.

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Pause your volatility

Want to hedge your wealth in crypto, but afraid of large price drops?

A Protect position is powerful. It allows you to freeze the USD value of your Bitcoin.

Whether the price goes up or down, the value will remain the same.

protect your wealth

As we move into a new digital age, we are sure to meet hurdles along the way.

Setbacks can crush markets, leaving your wealth exposed to unprecedented global events.

CoinLock empowers you with unique crypto protection tools to shelter your wealth during periods of volatilty.

keep your money in crypto and contribute to its potential

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have the potential to be so much more than just trading vehicles. Up until now you would have to pull your money out of a cryptocurrency to be able to really use its value.

 CoinLock allows you to keep your wealth in cryptocurrency and use it just like you would use money in your bank.

coinLock introduces the future of bitcoin, where do you fit in?


Freeze the USD Value of your BTC without selling
Enjoy peace of mind
Protect your trading/mining profits
Lock-in the price of large purchases
Exit the market without pressuring the overall price of BTC
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4X Leverage
0% Interest
Maximize earning potential
Accumulate LockCoin
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Crypto as a stable payment option
Lightning fast
Enjoy lower transaction fees
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