Add CoinLock services to increase your coin's market cap

The Current Challenge

The strength of a digital coin community is critical and is partly dependent on the initial value proposition offered by the coin itself. But the capacity to improve upon and increase the number of such propositions fundamentally determines the ability to expand membership numbers. While messaging and reinforcing a coin’s core purpose remains vital, innovation is necessary to adequately incentivize coin holders to keep their capital tied up in one particular coin over hundreds of alternatives. The restrictive and binary hold or sell option plaguing most coins in the industry is simply not enough.

The CoinLock Solution

Partnering with CoinLock will dramatically improve a coin’s competitive advantage, significantly increasing utility, amplifying attractiveness to new buyers and massively boosting market capitalization.

This solution is achieved in many ways:

Lock  in  Fiat  Value

CoinLock provides coin holders the ability to lock-in a fixed fiat value on the coins they own without selling. No longer helpless to the volatility of the markets, CoinLock empowers owners with the ability to create both short and long-term stores of value in any coin.

Exact  Price  Payments

The majority of cryptocurrencies sit idly in wallets or on exchanges, waiting to be sold on any push higher in price. This comes as a result of the limited choice and utility provided to owners. CoinLock will transform any coin, providing a mechanism and platform through which exact price payments can be made with the coin. Imagine the value of your coin once your community can make global and verifiable payments for goods and services. Also contemplate the cost savings for merchants who will save on transaction fees by accepting your coins.


Exchanges charge large amounts of money for leverage. Through the use of Coinlock’s peer-to-peer technology and matching applications users have the ability to obtain enhanced returns, all interest-free. These features result in no spreads, lower fees, efficient pricing and the buying power to launch a coin upward. We like to call this turbo trading.


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