What is The CoinLock MatchEngine?
The CoinLock MatchEngine is an online marketplace where individuals can access many different cryptocurrency services that make coins more useful. Invidividuals can also use the MatchEngine to enter Protected and leveraged trading positions.

What is a Leverage Position?
A leverage position on the CoinLock MatchEngine allows you to profit when the value of a cryptocurrency goes higher. You match up with capital from another user, and you will reap 400% of all the rewards or suffer from 400% of any losses of the combined positions.

What is a Protect Position?
A Protect position on the CoinLock MatchEngine is an amount of cryptocurrency whose exact USD value is stabilized regardless of market fluctuations. Freeze your USD value without having to sell your coins.

How does CoinLock Offer Protect and Leverage Positions?
The CoinLock MatchEngine connects leverage traders and Protect users to provide benefits to each. Leverage traders ensure that the value of Protect positions stay the same up to the amount of money entered into positions by the leveraged trader. Protect positions provide the leveraged traders with the extra money they need to obtain increased buying power when it's believed that a certain cryptocurrency will rise in value.

Do You Charge Interest for Leverage Positions?
There is no interest or fee for leverage positions. However, 20% of any profit from the leverage position is returned to you in the form of LockCoin - the native cryptocurrency of the platform. An investor can then choose to hold onto this investment or sell it right on the platform.


What is LockCoin?

LockCoin is the native cryptocurrency used by the CoinLock platform. LockCoin is used to pay and distribute fees user-to-user from successful trades. LockCoin can also be bought and sold only on the MatchEngine.

What is the Price of Lock?
The LockCoin price is based upon the platform's trading activity and its own supply. LockCoin is purchased  as a reward for successful trades on the MatchEngine. LockCoin price tiers are set in predetermined increments. You can see the real-time price on the platform.

Are There Any Fees for Using CoinLock?
When LockCoin is sold on the CoinLock MatchEngine, there is a 2.9% transaction assessed. While not a fee, 20% of profitable leverage trades are rewarded in LockCoin instead of Bitcoin. Also, unaffiliated third-party service providers may charge transaction fees, such as BitGo when processing deposits and withdrawals, or payment service providers when transferring cryptocurrencies to others off-platform. Please see the Terms of Use for these respective providers to learn more about their potential fees.


Can I Really Accept Safe Bitcoin Payments for My Store or Business?
Yes. This is the first platform in the world that allows you to send and receive fixed-price payments in Bitcoin.

Do I Need Special Equipment for This?
No. Everything can be done right from the platform.

What are the Fees, if Any?
Stablized payments are free to send and a lot cheaper than what credit card companies charge to receive.

How long Does it Take to Receive my Money?
Unlike credit card companies you won't have to wait days to receive your earnings. With CoinLock as your payments provider you will receive your money instantly.

What now? I Want to Get Started?
Create an account or contact us today at [email protected]

The Marketplace

What is the Marketplace?
The CoinLock marketplace is the only place in the world where anyone can go to buy and sell Bitcoin for free. Users can choose their preferred payment provider. Please note that CoinLock has no control over fees charged by third-party payment services providers that participants may choose to use when transferring and receiving related funds.


How can CoinLock Benefit me as a Bitcoin Miner?
CoinLock allows you to mine right into Protect positions. CoinLock already works with some of the largest miners in the world to manage their risk and ensure their hard-earned gains. Contact us today at [email protected] to see how we can help you.


How Else Can I Make Money on The Platform?
CoinLock has the best referral link in the world. Access your unique affiliate link inside of your account. You can find this in the profile tab on the platform. Send this to your friends and earn 1% of every profitable leverage trade they make for the next 12 months when they create an account through your link.


Where is CoinLock located?
CoinLock is a Cayman Islands LLC, with offices in the UK and India.

Who is behind this project?
Please visit the team page at www.coinlock.com/team.php There you will be able to see the people who make CoinLock a reality.