CoinLock takes away the fees of conventional markets

  • Any cryptocurrency can be securely transferred with its fiat value fixed by matching users on CoinLock.
  • Other lesser solutions require immediate liquidation into fiat to reduce exchange risk if it’s used for commerce. 
  • We make crypto easy to use without requiring new computer skills.
  • Easily verify payments to eliminate disputes.
  • CoinLock facilitates payments by allowing users to transfer containers of price-protected crypto.
  • Buy and sell BTC, LTC, EOS or any other crypto in a Coinlock Container at no cost.

Exchanges charge large amounts of money for utilizing larger amounts of capital. Through the use of Coinlock’s peer-to-peer technology and matching applications, users have the ability to obtain exponential returns, all interest- free. These features result in no spreads, lower fees, efficient pricing and the buying power to launch a coin upward.

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