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CoinLock is the only place in the world that offers interest-free cryptocurrency leverage.

Its time to say goodbye to hefty fees and large trading spreads. ‍

Trade larger positions while keeping more of the profits.

no interest, spreads or markups

CoinLock’s unique leverage positions come without any interest, spreads or markups.

Unlike other platforms that charge large fees which eat into your capital, CoinLock allows you to keep more of what you earn.

Interest-free leverage allows you to make a directional bet on the price of Bitcoin moving higher over extended periods of time and to capitalize when it does.

Accumulate lockcoin as you profit

After every successful leverage trade you make, 80% of your profit is paid in BTC and an additional 3% comes back to you in the platform's native currency, LockCoin.

Your LockCoin is immediately available in your account.

Hold it and build up a position for the long term, or put it up for sale whenever you like.

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why 4:1 leverage?

After years of testing, we’ve determined that 4:1 is precisely the right amount of leverage for trading success.

Enjoy leverage within your means.

Succeed in the long-term.

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coinLock is bridging the gap to the future of bitcoin. where do you fit in?


Freeze the USD Value of your BTC without selling
Enjoy peace of mind
Protect your trading/mining profits
Lock-in the price of large purchases
Exit the market without pressuring the overall price of BTC
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4X Leverage
0% Interest
Maximize earning potential
Accumulate LockCoin
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Crypto as a stable payment option
Lightning fast
Enjoy lower transaction fees
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