bitcoin is now a stable payment option

Take advantage of Bitcoin's incredible features to maximize your profits and make accepting payments a breeze.

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All the benefits of digital money. Instant, borderless, verifiable transactions are now within everyone's reach.

CoinLock's Protected positions allow for safe, cheap and volatility-free transactions to be made.

Disrupting traditional payments providers and saving valuable time and money for both business owners and personal users alike.

It's your money, you should get to keep the lion's share

Payment friction costs business owners $1 trillion every year.

CoinLock is  disrupting these expensive and outdated systems by slashing these fees down to the bare minimum so that you can expect to keep more of what you earn.


CoinLock has been designed to work as an entire payments infrastructure, enabling its users to make and receive price protected crypto payments with ease.

lightning fast transactions

Most payment providers can take up to 3 days to release your hard-earned profits into your account.

As a CoinLock user you get usable money in your account faster than it takes to send an email.

coinLock introduces the future of bitcoin, where do you fit in?


Freeze the USD Value of your BTC without selling
Enjoy peace of mind
Protect your trading/mining profits
Lock-in the price of large purchases
Exit the market without pressuring the overall price of BTC
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4X Leverage
0% Interest
Maximize earning potential
Accumulate LockCoin
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Crypto as a stable payment option
Lightning fast
Enjoy lower transaction fees
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