Fixed Payments With Your Coin

CoinLock immediately transforms any coin, providing a mechanism and platform through which fixed payments can be made.  Imagine the value of your coin, regardless of its initial value proposition, once your community can make global and verifiable payments for goods and services. And on the other side, contemplate the cost savings for merchants whom will save on transaction fees by accepting your coins. By partnering with CoinLock, this is your new reality.

Instant Fee-Free Payments Using Your Favorite Cryptocurrencies

  • Securely transfer any cryptocurrency with a fixed fiat value on CoinLock.
  • Minimizes exchange risk without requiring immediate liquidation. 
  • We make crypto easy to use.
  • Easily verify payments to eliminate disputes.
  • Buy and sell BTC, LTC, EOS or any other crypto in a Coinlock Container at no cost.

Payment Service Providers

CoinLock Lets Cryptocurrency Function As a Mainstream Payment Option

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming accepted and embraced as a payment option around the globe. By using CoinLock and its innovative digital container system, users and businesses alike are able to make and accept payments with ease.

Cryptocurrency Payment Services Provider

We will provide your platform with instant peer-to-peer payments with cryptocurrency at no
cost to your organization. We will handle the storage of cryptocurrency desposits that meet
your requirements.  Free, and with no headaches.

Coin Payment Services API

The CoinLock Payment Services API allows you to offer peer-to-peer payments in cryptocurrency and in price protected payments on our platform between users with no cost.  Users can send price protected containers of cryptocurrency, thereby eliminating any price volatility risk.

How price protection services work:

  • Users with different goals are matched peer-to-peer. This allows two winners on each transaction.
  • “Protect” users get protection to obtain a stable fiat value for their favorite cryptocurrency so it can be better used for payments or to escape the volatility of the markets.
  • “Turbo” users give protection and get all the gains on the combined amount – so wealth can grow faster.

The platform balances the peer-to-peer supply and demand for particular services for cryptocurrency automatically. When a position is matched, one-coin holder achieves price stabilization and can then either hold or use it as a form of a fixed-price payment. The other party receives the ability to make enhanced returns interest-free as the asset increases in value. CoinLock supervises and administers this economic equilibrium and freedom for its partners the entire time.

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