The LockCoin

LockCoin is the bonus cryptocurrency of the CoinLock platform.

It's accumulated after every successful leverage trade.

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How does it work?

When a trader exits a successful leverage trade, 80% of their profits are returned to them in the underlying asset they are trading and an additional 3% is paid to them in LockCoin.

That LockCoin is purchased from other traders on the platform.

price tiers

LockCoin is priced in different price tiers.  Once all LockCoins have been purchased either via winning leverage trades or through speculation, the price of LockCoin moves up to the next tier.

LockCoin is only traded on the CoinLock platform.  To view the current price of LockCoin and to see how much is left at the current price tier, please log onto the platform.

buy and sell

LockCoin can be bought or sold whenever a person chooses.  

Simply enter your order at the bottom of the platform.  If coins are immediately available for purchase or sale, you'll be filled instantaneously.  If not, you'll be put in cue in the order book.

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