CoinLock Wealth Management

CoinLock's proprietary technology works with individual investors, institutions and family offices

Utilize automatic portfolio management with our suite of algorithmic trading programs 24/7

Users of CoinLock can also choose to access proprietary trading algorithms that are made available by the company and other parties using the Coinlock API.  Users can elect to have their balances deposited on the platform to be automatically traded using an algorithm they select.  For cryptocurrency trading, the platform will automatically enter into the most desirable positions (protect during market downturn, leverage during market upturn) for the user based on what our AI algorithms and outside parties believe will result in the most profit.  Additional algorithms can also be used with Stocks and Indices.

The CoinLock model for professional wealth management


Coinlock works with financial firms globally.  Trading instructions are automatically sent to each user’s individually regulated brokers via API.  Trading can occur inside the CoinLock platform as well as on outside exchanges.

The standard model for asset managers is 2% management fee and 20% of any profits.

In lieu of paying standard fees, CoinLock users access powerful investment strategies  simply by purchasing LOCK coins in the amount of 20% of their trading gains.      


The advantage of this model is that clients can use the trading technology with no upfront costs.  And the LOCK asset they agree to purchase can potentially go up in value versus paying fees that are a sunken cost. Users can also purchase LOCK coins in advance and get credit for future LOCK purchase requirements.  


Our experienced team has been working with technology and trading for more than 30 years. We’ve been developing artificial intelligence trading systems as professional traders for decades. We are experts in trading, investing, and developing cryptocurrencies.

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